This label has been used in a derogatory manner. "Oh, He's just a dreamer", He'll never amount to anything, He's just a dreamer" , or "Stop daydreaming! Come back to reality!" or "He's dreaming, He'll never be able to do that". All these statements are made by people who live in today's world and are grounded in it. They are the ones who teach us their rules and the "established" way things are in this world. These are also the people who do not want changes in this world. Everything, to them, is established and cast in concrete. It is all very straight forward and logical to their mind. Any variance or change threatens their knowledge and security in their way of thinking.

This can be seen in the case of the Wright Brothers demonstrating their airplane in flight. There were successful flights done by them and others six years prior to the flight at Kittyhawk. Conventional scientists of the day refused to believe or acknowledge these flight as it was a well known scientific fact that man could not fly. And anyone who said different was a dreamer and not in touch with reality. It took a petition from hundreds of people to the President of the United States demanding that the work of the Wright Brothers be reviewed by the government, to get them recognized as having flown through the air. Once this was done, progress in this field was made. Once the scientific community was forced to acknowledge this achievement, it became part of their knowledge base and was built up to it's present place in our "established" science.

Dreamers and Inventors have always been shunned throughout history. The scientists were threatened by them. - If the new theories were correct and if the new inventions worked, they would lose their standing in the scientific community and they would lose their funding for the projects that they were working on, in favor of the new technology. They did everything in their power to stop them. Some were imprisoned and others were put to death as heretics. This same way of thinking is going on even today in some areas of invention.

The other driving force against new inventions and ideas has always been form the people who are making money from the present technology and stand to lose profits from the sale of their products if the new technology is let out. There are many examples of this, from the Blacksmith trying to stop the Automobile, to the Oil Companies stopping the release of high efficient carburetors. There has always been a resistance to change though out history, but eventually things do change.

There is another Dreamer and Inventor on the scene today. He is offering an invention that will change the science of today much like the shift from the Wright Brothers to the Space Shuttle. This is too big a leap for most people to handle. The Scientific community will fight this, just as they have fought every new invention of the past that threatened their knowledge base. They will try to discredit this by whatever means is at their disposal. They will try to ridicule the technology as being something done by a Dreamer. They will try to manipulate the thinking of the public by using the term Dreamer as a derogatory remark. Even though the term Inventor is synonymous with it. They will try to ignore it in hopes that it will just go away, as so many others have done. But, like all really great inventions, this will not go away.

There is an element in the scientific community that these people did not count on. The new upcoming students and some of their own people who feel that there is more to science than what they have been taught. These people are questioning many of the basic laws that they have been taught. They are the Dreamers of Tomorrow. I have been in contact with people who have degrees in Nuclear Physics, Masters in Physics and Chemistry, Doctorates in Physics, Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Chemical Engineers, and many others who would ordinarily be classified as members of the established scientific community. All of these people are looking for answers which were not given to them in their formal training. They are looking for new technologies which supply those answers.

When I tell them about Prof. Searl's technology and introduce them to "The Law of the Squares", they become excited and want to study and understand it completely.

Of all the people that I have talked to, I have not received one negative reply concerning this technology. These people are accepted experts in the scientific community, yet they have not found fault or flaw in this technology. Rather they want to be part of it. These respected scientists know that this technology will be fought against by their piers. Yet they see the beauty in it and the better future that it could provide.

Today more than ever before in the history of mankind, we have a desperate need for a change in the way that we are doing things. Our planet is in trouble and part of that trouble is the way we have been doing things in a conventional or accepted manner.

We must seek out the DREAMERS and INVENTORS that can help us make this change now. -- Not in 5 years from now, or 1 year from now, but today.