The real problem with globalization is that social issues are not important, expecially to owners of the capital, beacouse it is not in their interest, rather the oposite.
And the money makes the world go around ! (today)

WTO (World Trade Organization) is an institution, which has the power to prevent the people's choice about the food they want to eat and all other things, that are not so much problematic to inforce.
It has the authority, much greater then governments. It has already intervene in our lives and started international conflicts.
The decisions made by significant international financial and trade institutions (for example: International Monetary Fund, World banks, WTO, etc.) have enormous influence on the quality of our lives.
Unlike the government, those institutions don't have the obligation towards their voters.
You don't have to belive in conspiracy, to find out that irresponsibility was deliberatly built into that system.

This spring wealthyer countrys will try to enlarge their power inside WTO. More then 700 organizations all over the world, has moved to stop that.

Trading without any standards and rules, will couse competing till the end. With smaller and smaller paycheques. Worster working conditions. Ecology is not an issue at all in that way of thiking and doing.

So at the end there will be nothing else for nobody, at the limit all will come to one.