I seek to organize freethinkers, spiritual seekers, social activists, environmentalists, artists, poets, musicians, journalists, scientists, philosophers, survivalists, healers, mystics and more.
People from diverse backgrounds and different walks of life, but united by common goals and a shared vision of a sustainable future for our planet.
I seek to share our gifts and strengths with others and to provide creative outlets for truly inspired artists and thinkers.
While society is spiraling out of control on an inevitable course of self destruction, discerning, open-minded and intelligent people are connecting in ever increasing numbers, seeking creative solutions to our common dilemmas in this perplexing world.


This page is for those who are secure in their beliefs and courageous enough to set about the task of disabusing themselves of the illusions that hold them captive.

Those of us who are able to truly perceive reality beyond the veil of illusions, do not like what we see. We see society for what it is, and it is SICK. This society is nothing more than an oversized dysfunctional family in an abusive relationship with a fictional "God the Father", who grants us His approval for our folly as we appease His seemingly voracious appetite for adulation and human sacrifice.

Our leaders are nothing more than enablers who reinforce our collective denial and allow us to continue to destroy our planet as we feed our insatiable lust for consumer goods and other trappings of "the good life." Actually, there is nothing good about it, the damage done to our planet, our psyches, and Life itself, is becoming obvious to all except those who are in the deepest denial. It's time for us to wake up, it is time for action. We owe it to ourselves and to our children to stop the cycle of abuse and destruction.

We can no longer allow our laziness and complacency to lull us into a false sense of well-being. We can no longer close our eyes to what is going on around us. We can no longer allow ourselves to live lives of despair and defeat as we willingly participate in the madness and sickness that is "Society."


In these days of "Big Brother", our civil liberties are rapidly disappearing as the Government increasingly intrudes into the lives of citizens.
Freedom loving citizens of all political and religious persuasions are now beginning to realize that we must put aside our differences. We must find the common ground we all stand upon, and unite, if we hope to preserve our beloved Freedom!

Whether you are a Roman Catholic, a Buddhist, an Atheist or a member of The Church of the Sub-Genius, your faith, or lack thereof, is welcomed here. Whether you praise God or praise Bob, it doesn't matter to me. Whether you are a "Right Wing Nut" or to the Left of the Antichrist, your views are respected here.

Are you looking for a place to share your ideas and talents?

Do you strongly suspect that the world is in deeper
trouble than our "leaders" are telling us?

Are you tired of giving up your precious freedoms
so that this increasingly paranoid society can have
a false sense of security?

Have you lost patience with the cowardly, passive citizens
who blindly go along with the status quo as long as their
extravagant life-styles aren't inconvenienced?

Do you agree that is time for responsible social action
and a return to sustainable living practices?

Are you ready to do something about it?

Margaret Mead said - "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." With that in mind, let us join forces and work together to bring about positive and healthy changes to our planet, in our lifetime. We can do it!

The First Church of Common Sense stems from the belief that the Creator has an incredible sense of humor, as evidenced by the utter folly played out daily all over the Earth. The potential for this absurdity to reveal itself in spite of (or because of) Man's best efforts to "make a better world", reveals to us a Divine Sense of Humor. The Creator is playing a Grand Joke, and once we get the Joke we are "saved".

Although this text was not written by me, it reflects my wievs and since it is idiotic to write things allready written all over again, here it is. Text is changed werry little, bassicaly i am not talking to americans but all people on Earth.