That's what this writing is about in a very great sense. There is a real focus here to help people gain their own direction, godhood, destiny, or whatever. If tantric methods can help, then use them. If you think tantra won't--don't.

Need a map for your Spiritual Journey?
Still looking for a map for your Spiritual Journey?
Beyond the veil of Vidya Gupta the secret doctrine

Need a map for your Spiritual Journey?

The more intelligible a thing is, the more easily it is retained in the memory, and contrariwise, the less intelligible is is, the more easily we forget it.
Benedict (Baruch) Spinoza 1623 -1677 Tractatus de Intellectus Emendatione Xi, 81

Approaching an ordinary journey from point to point on this earth we commonly use a map of some sort. In fact, such journeys are virtually impossible without a map unless the territory is already known and previously traversed. How vain it is for humans to believe themselves capable of traveling the infinitely more complex spiritual journey without a map or guide. Yet virtually everyone feels competent to do exactly that. Tantra teaches us to grow from the microcosm into the connections with the macrocosm through practice on both the physical and spiritual plane.

When you choose a method of attainment you should see that you can gain physical health, mental health, spiritual progress, and that this can be done in stages. If there is one single large goal and you are either on top or not there at all, look around for more to get into, that one is not it. Look for a method of attainment which begins simple and grows with your abilities. A method of attainment which gives rewards at each level of growth. The rewards should be in the physical plane, the emotional-mental area, and the spiritual plane. Such rewards should be easy to delineate and understand. They may not be easy to do but they must be consistent and straightforward in their statement of values and effort.

Do not choose a path which cannot be supported in the physical plane. You are here! This is the physical plane! Don't be confused by people who say the physical is unreal. The physical is as real as the spiritual and if anyone says either is not real, look further for a path. Do not choose a path which does not have spiritual affinities connected with the physical. You cannot reach your spiritual goals without using your physical body and brain. There is a connection. There must be a connection in the Path of Attainment you choose.

Of course, Tantra and the Tree of Life have these characteristics or this book about them probably wouldn't mention the above guidelines. After all, each of us has blind spots and we tend to perpetuate them in our teachings. I'll apologize for mine and tell you that when found they are vigorously stamped out and every attempt is made to keep them out.

Within the method of Tantra as applied to the map called the
Tree of Life,
each person may advance from any level through successive complexity to as high as one can imagine. Each level brings physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual attainment. Each higher level brings higher rewards. No practicioner of Tantra is excluded from their glory or sent to eternal damnation. It is entirely up to the individual the level of glory they wish to attain. All levels of Tantra are of glory, none are of loss or condemnation. Attain as you wish. Become healthier, become a god, it's up to you.

So, go ahead. Look through what is available here. Use what you find here to add to your path to attainment. No matter what path you are taking, becoming more alive and aware will only help you along that path. Even though the Catholic church would deeply condemn these writings, if you are a devout catholic and you use these methods to energize yourself and your spiritual being before going to mass or whatever church ritual you choose, you will more fully participate and more completely receive what the church has to offer. This is not a religion, it is a method of attainment. Add it to your life!

Still looking for a map for your Spiritual Journey?

As above, so below.

The art of transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned. We have heard this so often it has lost meaning or has gained meaning which is incomplete and therefore hazardous. We are told to align with cosmic forces. We are told we have great power. We are told to let go. We are told to move with the light. We are told so many conflicting things from so many sources the message has been lost in the crowd of trees.

The art of transforming spiritual energy lies in being aligned with the greatest force. Please note that if you think your energy is stronger than the energy of the cosmos, go ahead and beat your head against that wall. I won't stop you nor will anyone else. If you want things to happen and to bring forth changes in the direction you require, you MUST NOT fight the greatest forces. If the force is stronger than you, you will not be able to stop it's flow. You can, however, spin some of it off to water your field and make YOUR crops grow.
You can tap into it.
Get the idea?

The White Light of legend is the representation of the fabulous energy of the Cosmos. Undifferentiated into good or bad, saint or sinner, nice or not nice, the White Light (remember, not blue, red, green, or any other differentiated color) is the transcendental icon of great energy available for use. Try to conquer or compete and you will suffer greatly. Catch the ride and divide out a small amount of the light for your use and you will be rewarded. Dividing out the frequency you want will bring you great reward. The reason you grab the white light is that it contains all the frequencies. Once you have the technique well practiced, you can use the differentiated light frequencies such as blue, red, and so on.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out. Advice from the drug gurus of the 60's and 70's of the last century. Used in the sense of cosmic energy and not drug use, this is nearly a perfect prophecy and education on how to get the Quodosh energy talked of for millenium. It is a method of how to create.

Turn on, bringing your energy to its highest possible level, preparing to gather cosmic energy. Tune into the great energy sources of the Cosmos, aligning and bringing the energy within. Drop out and move the small amount of energy you are capable of matching to your energy area.

The energy you can use from the great source is not small in comparison to the individual but is quite small in comparison to the Cosmos. Not insignificant but pretty close. You will not change the Cosmos with your energy any more than you change the ocean by sailing across it in a boat. Yes, of course you have changed the ocean. Does the ocean see this? Can I look at the ocean and see your changes? Can you? Certainly not but the changes are there nonetheless. What you have done is use the (in comparison) unlimited resources of the ocean to get what you wanted. If you had decided to change the course of currents and wind flow in and over the ocean, you'd be still trying and making a spectacle of yourself. By joining with the greater forces, you will have easily (well, easy in comparison to fighting the ocean and wind) arrived at your goal. Fight the ocean and wind and you lose.

As above, so below. This is an important part of this message. As above is the greater force. You can't fight that force. The message here is extremely important.
As above greater force is useable if it matches the so below (your) force you CAN control. Get those forces out of synchronization or out of frequency and you WILL suffer. Get them in synchronization and in the appropriate frequency and you WILL gain.
In addition the message reads both forward and backward. If it says as above, so below, then the two things match. Change the below and the above changes. As your energy frequency is below is the energy frequency you attract from above. Do you really want to attract the kind of cosmic energy to you that you are in while driving to and from work? Further, the amount of energy you bring yourself to is the level of energy you can gain from the cosmic forces to do spiritual work with. The more energy you have in you, the more energy you can match from above.

How do you do this? Well that's what all this writing is about. How to get in synchronicity with the cosmic energy we all need to gain the higher levels of spiritual functioning. Some people get this by accident, by themselves, by good genes, by others pushing, or by a great many various paths, most of which have not a clue of what they are really presenting their followers. With this writing you have the opportunity to move into the realms of spiritual endeavour YOU wish. You are the leader of you. Not me. Here are open doors. If you want them, use them. There is no going to hell if you don't. You will still have more opportunities to reach into those areas of growth later or in another lifetime.

As a Child of God, you are expected to grow up. What's more, you are expected to grow up to become a God. That's an incredibly important level to reach! Virtually all religious groups in the world say the same thing about this. They all state you are a Child of God.
How come none of them will allow you to grow up and gain adult status?

No, I don't have all the path and what I have is not all correct. It's the best I've got right now and the best I've seen anywhere. The part I like is that it's not me telling you what to do. It's you joining with the teaching and yourself at the level you want; to gain as much as you want to have of the growth levels presented. I'm not married to you. You don't have to take a cannibalistic sacrament for me to feel you are following the teaching I have been fortunate enough to receive. For me, that is a whole bunch better than the forced training organized religions do to their followers. How did I (how do I) get that teaching? If you read and understood what is written above, you now know how that awareness was (and is) acquired.

Beyond the veil of Vidya Gupta the secret doctrine

In which we summarize the four ages and how we are in the Kali age where we are now down to a few simple rituals of the concrete functioning and not the high rituals of the past. Each of these ages or “yuga” is very long and the first ages are only dim memories and hints written in ancient texts.

Satya Yuga, the first age, is said to have been represented by highly advanced humans who lived very long lives, were pure of heart, without the problems of greed, anger, vanity, shame, lust, backbiting, etc., and who were exceedingly strong spiritually. At this time, humans were giants physically.

Treta Yuga, the next age was of somewhat lower aspects and much of the glory of the age of Satya Yuga was lost. Humans were of smaller growth stature and no longer the giants of Satya Yuga. The human lifespan was shortened and the practice of high Tantra became more difficult and the need for maithuna was introduced in order to attain to the high Tantra levels which were easily available to the practicioners of the age of Satya Yuga.

Dvapara Yuga, the third age of human endeavor known on this earth brought a sharp decline in the spiritual powers of humans, a severe decline of our life span, and a loss of physical stature and powers. No longer able to reach the High Tantra levels, Maithuna rituals became the only aspect of the Vedic Scriptures which allowed for attainment resembling that of the earlier ages.

Kali Yuga, the present age is represented by man gone mad. Life span and health are restricted, stature is that of a pygmy compared to the earlier ages, spiritual effectiveness is virtually unknown, and according to the Mahanirvana Tantra, humans have become”maddened with pride, ever given to sinful acts, lustful, gluttonous, cruel, heartless, harsh of speech, deceitful, short-lived.” In this age, the Vedic Scriptures can no longer be practiced and the need for new scriptures was evident. Thus the Puranas were given for the age of Kali. The Puranas emphasize that a strong connection with the earth forces is now required to reach attainment. No longer is the spiritual force of man strong enough of its own right to reach higher powers and attainment. Now it is required of humans to practice the rituals of Maithuna and the empowerment of each path of the Tree of Life constantly to energize the weakened and nearly lost connections with the higher powers of the cosmos and our own abilities.

It is now the age of concrete thought in which knowledge will come forth in bewildering flood and overwhelm man causing our downfall. It is now required of the remaining humans who wish to rise above the draw of this bewildering abundance of knowledge and consumer goods to reach into their body energy and change the addiction of anger, fear, consumerism, or other modern demands of emotion and attain the physical energy of puberty and growth. When this is done, the spirit is liberated and may begin to work toward our remaining higher powers, eventually (with enough work) re-attaining some of the lost potential of the older ages. These Tantric Scriptures assert that the only way to gain the strength for spiritual liberation is through the power contained in the sex force.

Many gurus have come forth in the last years from the east bringing a message of liberation and defining the parameters of behavior such that sexual activity is denied to the followers. In each of these cases, the followers become psychotic and the group in general begins to degenerate and develop difficulties and problems with the world around them. In most cases, the guru has been sent packing, usually by the group itself, and the sect collapses into a small, fanatical, secret society, just the opposite of what the Tantra teaches for liberation.

Tantra is not originally set up as a secret text but as an open book for the enlightenment of mankind. Only during the repression of the crazy British empire building did the Tantra begin to go underground to preserve the message the world needs. It is time for that message to be told and brought forth without the secrecy. No, we are probably not ready for the whole message but when shall we be if not now. Certainly not when the imprints of culture become even stronger. If not now, possibly never will the message return and we will enter a new age of deeper destruction of our spiritual abilities and the total destruction of humans on the earth will occur just as foretold by the Vedic and Tantric Scriptures. It is hoped the unveiling of much of this methodology will assist in avoiding such an entrance to a new age of destruction.

In the age of Kali, we must not adhere to the insanity of the attitudes of christianity and believe as Paul, regarding the sexual act as degrading and sinful. Paul allowed marriage as a concession to the need for man to be involved in the energy of our sexual nature but made serious attempts to control all the members of the body of the church through control of the power of sexuality. Those attempts have born fruit and are still working against spiritual attainment in the Catholic church in particular. Virtually all modern religious sects do the same. Each has recognized the sex force as the vital energy of life itself and has moved to gain absolute and permanent control over the sexual attitudes, actions, abilities, and every other aspect of human sexuality. Governments recognize this and legislate sexuality in all aspects in order to control the mass of humans governed. It is not possible to greedily govern an enlightened people and it is required to remove any method of enlightenment for a corrupt government to continue in power. Look around you at the government that is directing your every movement and decide if government and our leaders are enlightened or if government and those leaders tend to be corrupt.

We have degraded the glory of Shakti, Aphrodite, Ishtar, Isis, Shing Moo, Diana, and all other transcendental symbols of feminine power and glory. Miss World and other beauty pageant winners and participants whether actual (or those who only stand by and wish they could) stand on the new definition of woman. No longer is the glory and power of woman respected for the connections held with the Cosmos and the higher powers of humans, now we respect woman for her biological ability to bring forth children and for her physical beauty backed up by a slight requirement to walk without falling down and to speak without stammering. Good bye Diana, farewell Aphrodite, fade to black and hope the new age contains something of value for women to replace the loss of true glory and ability.

The old ages certainly contained repression and use of female powers for the benefit of men to the detriment of women. However, let us not throw away the very powers men greedily gobbled up for their attainment. Remember, these female powers men appropriated worked! Come out from under male dominance and help teach the world to share. Please don’t give up the very power and glory that was and is so important to spiritual attainment that men used women for. To give that power and glory up is to give up the ability for spiritual attainment. Learn to use it wisely and to share. Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past and allow one group of humans to either destroy or deny the potential of the other group of humans at the expense of both groups of humans.

We have come a long way from the glory of the first age of mankind and are now in the degraded age of Kali. To step down to the next and more degraded age seems foolish and precipitous.


What we think about is what we are meditating about. That's pretty simple. However, it also includes body language, body chemistry, brain chemistry, speech patterns, interactions with other people, interactions with our environment, how we are affected by art, radio, television, advertisements, early childhood training, society, culture, peers, self-image, monetary status, and all that goes to make up who we are at any one time. We actually meditate all the time and are affected by all of the above and much, much more.

Since our brains constantly run on and on, and since meditation only requires the awareness of the individual at some level, we are effectively in constant meditation whether conscious, subconscious, unconscious, or superconscious. Picture this: The person driving to work and cursing all the poor drivers on the road, driving to cut off other vehicles, pushing the limits of the conditions and vehicle, damning the traffic, and skirting legal punishment by pushing red lights, changing lanes, rolling stops, etc. Now, they reach work with an interesting meditational foundation, walk into work telling everyone how bad the traffic and people in other autos are, and encouraging others to support their attitude. They follow this with more anger at the boss, employees, fellow workers, outside contractors, inept secretaries, poor mail service, slow internet, etc., etc., etc.
What an interesting meditation!
And, it is important to note that this is a high energy meditation zone. The person depicted is using many supports to the meditation such as voicing, body posture and movement, environmental conditions, active aggression (on the highway at least), support group for reinforcement (fellow complainers), and much more. Their body and brain chemistry must be very interesting. Do you know someone who meditates like this? Unfortunately, we all have done this to some degree and it is a difficult meditation to stop. But, stop we must or we can never change to a new awareness.

The meditation just described is typical of a cyclic meditation which we reinforce in a great many ways. Many of us start with a little righteous anger and gradually grow into rageaholics, addicted to the body and brain chemistry of anger. The same goes for fear, sadness, depression, and a great many of the emotional states which endanger our lives and the welfare of those around us.

How do we stop? In a too real sense we don't stop. This style of meditation is a type of addiction and as in all known addictions, involves whole body chemistry and production of antibodies, immune suppressants, and many permanent body biochemical changes. The alcoholic can never go back to drinking because of the chemical imbalance permanently created during the drinking days. The cigarrette smoker has a similar problem. If you think the body forgets, give an ex-heroin addict a shot in the arm and see how long it takes the body to remember. Or take the alcoholic to the bar and buy them a few drinks. I think the common phrase is ---"I just had one drink and nursed it along for a few months." The body chemistry has been re-triggered and it will not forget.

Once you have addicted to some body chemistry, your meditations will support that chemistry. You have no choice. If the person addicted to anger meditates for any length of time (say a few days) on being happy, they will begin to feel ill. They are entering withdrawal the same as any other addict. Now, just like the alcoholic, all that's needed is to keep away from alcohol until the body chemistry settles down and the person begins to feel functional again. But-----Wait------THIS bar is INSIDE the addict. All they need to do to get back to feeling good (or at least normal chemically) is to become angry (or depressed, or frightened, or whatever) and the addiction is reinforced by a new release of the chemistry of anger, fear, depression, sadness, or whatever the body chemistry addiction might be.

I don't really think an hour of quiet mediatation or so each day is going to break a deeply set addiction to anger, fear, sadness, domination, or other chemically supported emotional addiction. As in computers, garbage in--- garbage out. In this case, enough energy to overcome the energy of the addiction is required. A small effort gets a small change. Breaking a deep habit requires strong energy, strong methodology, firm resolve, and, at least for long enough to get past the addiction, a strong commitment to whatever path is chosen.

What path should you use? Each must choose for themselves. This writing is here to present you with the option of using Tantric methods, should they suit your circumstances. It is not always possible to use a method of healing even when it is what you want. If you live inland, say in Omaha, you will find it difficult to use surfing or salt-water fishing as your high energy replacement. Living in a large city might make it difficult to use wildlife, nature, or solitude as your meditational area no matter how desirable that may be. With that in mind, it can be said that the tantric methods will only work on those who have the ability to have sexual responses. Now, I know that's probably not everybody, but it just might be. I've not met anyone who did not have the ability to respond to sexual stimulus. Advertisers certainly know this.

Using tantric methods does not involve some kind of overt sexual stimulus in every case. To me, and basically what I teach. is that Tantra is a method of awareness, a method of attainment. For many people, using the maithuna preparation, floating exercise, pranayama, and some of the other non-sexual oriented rituals given in these web pages will bring at least relief from much of the problems they have. This type of person wlll be fine with most spiritual paths and most paths will be effective for them.

Strong tantric methods are available to those with strong addictions to emotional or cultural body chemistry. The stronger the addiction, the more powerful the path must be to overcome the addiction. Thus, a person with deep imprints may need to practice the stronger sexual rituals or may need very powerful sexual rituals often for a long time. After all, most people have spent a lifetime practicing their addiction (anger, depression fear, etc.) and no magic bullet exists to make this recovery easy. It will take work to overcome the amount of work put into the addiction. You can't just walk out of this bar and not go back. This bar is inside of you. Getting rid of mood or emotional addictions is not easy.

Noticing what you meditate about will help you understand your addiction. Begin to pay attention to what thoughts you are having all day. What do you think of while driving? What do you think about at work?...bosses, fellow employees, people in your section? What do you watch on T.V.? What kind of music do you prefer and what do the words acually say? Happy words, depressed words, or just what and how is your music supporting your attitude? If you find you don't recall what you are meditating on or doing to yourself from media interaction, begin to write down your moods and thoughts. Write down the words of music (or at least the general tone of the words), write down the general characters of the TV programs you watch and keep track of what the commercials are doing to you. Form this information into a larger picture to help you know what your meditations are. What do you think about as you go to sleep? What are you thinking about when you wake up? What are your dreams and are they up, down, past, future, etc.? You are your meditations and/or you will become as your meditations direct and/or your meditations will reflect who you really are, and/or who you are is......etc. Who you are is a whole unit. Your body chemistry is not separate from you. Your arm is part of you. Your meditations are part of you. Your environment is part of you. It is all interconnected and your meditations running constantly are somewhat like a large instrument panel filled with gauges and dials. Pay attention and your meditations will tell you who you are.

Second and third attentions (and sometimes even more than that) are common to everyone. All of us have experienced driving along a well-known route and thinking of many things so deeply we may have difficulty remembering what happened along the drive. We may have been thinking so much on a subject of importance (or not) that we miss our turn-off or suddenly look about and have no idea where we are. We often are capable of watching TV or listening to radio and doing something else while we are also thinking of a vacation and mowing the lawn and fixing the car, and where little Johny is, etc. Without realizing it, we use many attentions at the same time, nearly constantly. Most housekeepers (wives, husbands, significants, etc.) are actually uncomfortable unless the background is filled with TV or radio, kids, equipment, neighbors, etc. It is unusual and difficult for us to be "single-minded" for any length of time.

We have the ability to use one of our attentions to keep a meditational focus. We do that anyway so we might as well use it to our advantage. To begin to make a change, keep records of your meditations (previously mentioned) and weed out the ones you don't want to have in your life. Write them down and keep the list handy or memorize it so you won't forget and then go back to them. Replace the ones you want to be rid of with new ways of meditating. If it is difficult at first, speak the new ways out loud.

For example, if you find you are impatient and irritated driving to work because of all the idiots on the road (and yes, there are a lot of idiots on the road), talk out loud of your chosen meditation replacement. This is known as a mantra and has been known to be effective from long before people kept records. That may be more difficult to do at work but you may use reminders to help you. Inspirational sayings have been used for this from the time writing was invented. You can also use an action such as a small pinch or fingernail push, or even just pressing your toes together to remind you physically that you have gotten off the path you want.

Keep a second attention filled with your chosen inspirational methods. Stamp out the old methods and meditations as strongly as you can. And, I do know the old Zen story about "thinking about not thinking about" but you must start some place and if you don't do something, nothing will come of nothing (thank you King Lear and Cordellia). Use flash cards with your meditations written out for your reinforcement. Put them on tape and listen to them rather than radio or television. Use any trick you can to get better. The option to getting better is not getting better. You are worth the effort!


Your meditational environment includes all those things you have chosen to have in your life: music, entertainment, colors, lifestyle, artistic activities, job, people, etc. In fact, all the world about you, even the fact that you seem to have chosen this particular earth-type planet to be born into. You can change nearly all of your environment to a greater or lesser degree. It is not too likely you will get off this planet any time soon. You can, however, put up photographs of other worlds, other galaxies, even thoughtfully fictional other dimensions, if you wish. In this manner, you could modify the effects of the very planet and dimension you currently reside in. You could add "unearthly" art, science fiction books, tapes, and videos. Give your living space a science fiction decor, get powerful magnets and electromagnetic field generators to override the earth electromagnetic field locally and live in all of that as a way to mitigate the worse effects of earth life. This is not to say you actually should do as just described, it is given only as an example to show you that even earth effects can be dealt with.

We all do this to some extent. Mostly we just let it happen without much guidance, and society, culture, job, or convenience does most of the environmental job for us. To change from our meditational old habits to new ways will likely involve changing all of our environment to some extent. The greater the habit change desired, the greater the environmental change will be required or will happen as a reflection of internal change. If you don't change your habits and therefore your environment, you will not have changed. No change equals no change. Changes will be obvious in new thought patterns, new patterns of actions, new environmental conditions. The more there is change internally, the more the outer conditions will change. You cannot continue to do the same old stuff in the same old way and expect to have anyone believe you have changed.

Go through your environment and help that change. Find colors that help your change, music that supports, TV that at least doesn't damage, art to focus your meditations, events to partake of in line with your goals. Rituals that support your change. Electromagnetic fields that aid and areas to visit that bring gladdness. Just a beginning of suggestions. You will need to change everything, even how you see your friends and relatives.


Well okay, what is "inactive" meditation? Actually, most directed meditations are pretty much inactive meditations. The most common meditation used in group sessions basically says, "stop moving, relax, stop thinking, relax." That's not active meditation. That's a method of sleep preparation. Again, nothing comes of nothing.

Even examining the floating exercise, a tantric meditation in which you are allowed to go to sleep if you wish, will reveal that "floating" takes a lot of mental focus on something more than a single point of light. An active meditation is anything you do that increases your activity and combines the physical with the mental for heightened effectiveness. Some examples are, driving to work, going for a walk, working, fighting with someone, talking with someone, having sex, participating in a sport, etc. Yeah, I know, I like that last word, (etc.) It keeps me from making HUGE lists (and allows you to make your own list).

One of the first things you can do to bring activity to your meditations is to say them aloud. Churches know how effective this is. Add inspirational art, colors, music, etc. (good word) and you can soon begin to be more effective. If you are still having problems keeping your focus, exercise while you meditate. Of course, you could use tantric rituals which are nearly all active, high energy, exercises which are enjoyable, very memorable, and repeatable.

That's what this writing is about in a very great sense. There is a real focus here to help people gain their own direction, godhood, destiny, or whatever. If tantric methods can help, then use them. If you think tantra won't--don't.

Meditation is a process just as with everything else. Not only that, we are up against the problem of definition. I say meditation is the sum total of all your brain and body activity and is happening constantly. You may have another definition. My meditations say that's OK. My meditations also say it's OK for me to see things as I do. All this is just fine as long as we don't begin to force each other to our way against the other's will. If you have a different way or path, great! If you decide I must see things your way or else, not great, and I'll take the "or else." All of which brings up the subject of shared meditations.

Sharing meditations is far more common than most people would at first believe. Yet most everyone will share the meditations of their drive to work, or their meditations about anything which frustrates or irritates them. In fact, they (we) will share our pet peeves at such a level that others will begin to avoid us or at least tire of hearing about them. We less often share our gladness and when we do, it will be disguised as "great weather" or "had a great time last night" and so on. We don't often state how glad we are to be alive, to be functional, to be at work, at home, or any other common good situation. It is interesting how we take being OK for granted and meditate on what is not OK or what might not be OK, or what was not OK or might not be OK if it were not for the possibiity of what could have been except for--------! Wow, we are experts at finding downer meditations.

These meditations of problems, real, unreal, potential, past, future, present, perfect future nominative, or by any other case, and the even more widely varying possibilities of the results of those problems, are not healthy. Sorry, I won't retract that. Meditating on downers all day only adds to illness, both mental and physical. Here is what I teach: As much as possible, meditate with glad, happy, connected thoughts, surround yourself with beauty, use your second attention to image actions of happiness, use rituals to change your body/brain chemistry to a base line of happiness, and avoid or get away from anything that works against those methods of happiness. If you can't get away, often the case in a job situation, wall the problem off to the maximum reasonable extent. You must take charge of your life. If you don't, others will. Right now, much of your life is being controlled by the government, churches, culture, society, peers, and expecially your parental training. As the Catholic church has bragged "give us the child and we'll own the man," how you grew is the way you still are. That can be changed and it is not difficult; start with changing your meditations and the rest may fall into place. If not, try the tantric rituals combined with the meditations. Increase the power of the rituals according to the strength of the difficulty you are trying to overcome.

There is a problem. If you continue to practice the old thoughts and behavior patterns at the same time you try to break out, you may simply increase the strength of the old habits enough to counter the new methods or rituals. If you don't stop smoking, you won't stop smoking no matter how many methods you use. If you get drunk each day, neither AA nor any other method will cure your drinking. If you simply practice finding more fault and being more angry, or more fearful, you can walk or practice any path you want and your old stuff will win because you have raised the power of your disability to overcome any possible ability. If you're doing this and won't stop, people will soon find out and you will lose jobs, friends, spouses, finances, paths and yourself. If you're doing this, STOP!! Redo your meditations and stamp out the old ways, even the ones you think you'll die without. Find someone you can trust and be guided. Don't use your old methods to destroy your guide or you will have done two things: (1) gotten rid of someone who would have helped you, and (2) destroyed someone who had a good attitude toward the world, and that is all too rare nowadays.

You share this world with everyone else. Your actions, your thoughts, your promise, your life is important to everyone here, now and in the future. When you smile at the world, you help. When you frown, you destroy. When you do good, good grows. When you do ill, illness grows. Choose. You choose anyway. Make a conscious choice. You will not have more effect on the world by knowing what you are doing than you do without knowing. The only difference is, you will then, at least, become aware of what the effects of your actions are and you will be able to make your actions count in the direction you choose, not as others push you into.


A note here on drug-enhanced rituals may be appropriate. Drugs do affect brain function. There is no "but" to this. Drugs affect the body and brain in the manner they are chemically associated with. Drugs may be uppers or downers and some may bring healing while others bring illness or even death. They can approximate the same effects Tantric rituals give. It is also true that drugs normally give a short-lived experience and do not produce permanent brain or body changes of the type Tantra produces but make no mistake, drugs do produce effects.

Tantra produces permanent brain and body changes of the type the operator desires. This means the Tantric is in charge of their own brain and body, their own spirituality and attainment. Without drugs, the practice of Tantra produces growth into spiritual attainment that is permanent and is not dependent on any outside need such as a drug, other person, money, location, attitude of society, or any other need at all. The fully attained Tantric needs little and contains all.

Yes, you can do drugs. Yes, they will be temporarily effective. No, they will not bring the permanent changes the practice of Tantra will bring. In the practice of Tantra, the outer life is controlled by the inner spirit. In the use of drugs, the inner spirit is controlled by the outer life. Drugs are quick and easy and you will need to stay on them for continued attainment until the side effects drugs bring finally destroy the very vehicle (brain and body) you need to continue growth. So, go ahead with all the drugs you want and can get, just not on this Path and not in these rituals. If that is your Path, do not associate it with this Path.

The Tantric grows from the inside spirit and allows that to influence the outer life. This is done through discipline from a set of planned rituals and practices done by the Tantric themselves. Each Tantric sets a pattern of psychological and spiritual conditions through the guidance of their teacher and later through the association with other equals. The Tantric is not alienated from the physical world nor from the spiritual world. Growth in Tantra brings the Tantric into firm association and connection with themselves. Every action, thought, and choice is performed as part of the willingness to grow into the chosen goal. Inner forces are awakened but the Tantric is fully lucid and self-controlled. Continuing awareness is not altered and memory is not lost. The experience is eternal as is the growth and knowledge attained.

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