Author of the book: Alojz Stanich, Slovenia
Summary done by Gape (a student).
Translation: Gape, Mateja.
Date: 06-13-01 12:45


I read the book.


He knows!!!


When I read the book Alojz wrote, I found out lots of new stuff.

One of them is:

how to eat without killing.

We kill even vegetables, if we want to eat them.

But, you don't kill a plant, when you eat its fruit. Not by a chance. If you do not eat it, it falls on the ground and rots there.


You can live just by eating, let's say - apples.
Alojz is a living proof for that.
He calls basical fruit the fruit, that people can eat in their climate zone as 'all the time food', which means, that this fruit grows throughout the seasons or could be naturally conserved.

I will go by the line now, although Alojz doesn't like the writings in the book to be taken out of context (wholness), but I can't help myself:

What people need to know, they need to know!


The values (merits) of life in historical progress of mankind were: fight, religion (god), work, money.


Until today we have known four (or five) basis of life: earth, water, air, fire, (ether).

From now on we know seven Bases of Existence:

1. FOOD (not earth)
The fundamental discovery: THE AUTHENTICITY OF FOOD ? The authentical food of human beings are fruits.

2. WATER and
3. AIR -
these two remain indisputable truth, but the water is not here to be re-made into other products, but to be used for living the way it is.

4. NATURAL WARMTH OF THE SUN (not fire) - the fire is not a permanent part of Earth, so it is not one of the basis of Existence.

Newly recognized Bases of Existence:

5. LIFE POWER - it is present in all seven basis of life.

6. SELFEXISTENCE (to exist in yourself) - here we experience all the bases.

7. THE LAWS (Principles) OF NATURE - the absolute natural truths, which work all the time and everywhere.


Today money is god and work is a minor god (subgod).

»The Work is one of the bases of human existence«. That has been so since the time, when human animal started to eat something else but his authentical food (that was after the exile of man from the garden of Eden.)

But work is not one of the basis of existence, as Alojz shows nicely.


Our civilization knows two kinds of people:

Either you work in the society for the society, or you are in a place, where you live on account of others.
These are the only two possible ways.

This society doesn't acknowledge the LIFE.


Buddhism is the least conquering religion and Taoism as the philosophy is the closest to the active truths of nature.


For every disease is responsible a person him/herself, if not as an individual, than the people as a larger whole.


The truth about Prometeus and The New Existence - Alojz`s comprehension of this myth is simply unique.


The human authentical movement is WALKING. All sports are a torturing of the body. They are here only because of the fight feeling (and money).


The point of sport was and remains in notion to 'overcome' somebody.


GLOBAL ERAS - the recognition of global eras.

Global era of instinct :

Original fruit eating -> fire ? killing and eating animals (exile from the heaven) ? the apperance of the sensual self-consciousness ? the way out of the authentical environment ? first forms of verbal communication.

Global era of religious consciousnes - era of emotions:

Penetration into the Earth (God/the laws of nature contempted agriculturist Kajn and prefered shepherd Abel) ? handcraft ? era of symbols ? era of oaths, vows, devotion, mercy, fidelity, dignity ? growth of magic.

The whole era was an emotion!

Global era of materialistic consciousness - era of thoughts:

All eating man (an expert gastronomer, man of pleasure) ? industrial food ? alchohol,
smoking, drugs ? divergions and a degeneration of bodies ? huge exploitations of nature ? water hasn't been for drinking anymore, but it has been altering and used in production ? natural disasters of great extensions ? AIDS etc. ? (mega)cities - as a cancerous formations on the Earth ? the planetary pollution, increasing traffic, greenhouse effect, climate changes, extinction of biological difference on Earth ? existence of life on the Earth has been menaced.

Every modern industrial food is a drug - because it creates addiction and causes consequences.

Era of addictions.


The First cycle of the world - before quiting the authentical food (till the ice age?)

The Second cycle of the world includes three global eras - understood through authentical food:

1. After abandoning authentical food the human animal started eating meat and using fire.

2. Eating 'seeds of the grass', changed to edibility by fire. Rice in warm and swampy areas of Asia and corn around the muddy Nil.

Penetration into the earth ? the occurrence of work ? the occurrence of idleness - work transpositioned to others - exploitation.

3. Scientifical-industrial global era and 'all eating man'.

The next cycle of the world:

The next level of consciousness, the awareness of all-embracing law of authentical life.


The awareness and gradual realisation by living the seven basis of existence.

Every global era has exceeded the previous one and in its own way suppressed the existence of previous one and precedent ones. But all the global eras have always been present in some forms of mentality and in some places. It will be the same in the future, but with one exception: The New Existence will transcend the present ruling era of intellect and the remains of all precedent eras, but it will not intent to cancel/destroy/suppress the previous ones.

We are traveling towards the first turn to the new cycle of all-embracing life in the world.

Above the brain-mind center, but still out of the head, from the united power of the brain, body and the laws of nature, comes the seventh center - the level of spiritual consciousness of the truth. That is the spirit! And it will be the next step of life. (Page 234.)

There is a subconscious missunderstanding that pleasure is 'good'.

The real 'good' enhances the powers of life. The real 'good' is freedom! FREEDOM FROM!

Pleasure drains out the life powers. Pleasure creates addiction - it takes freedom away.
Cronical draining of Life on the Earth, all over the planet, by the topmost progress of the current civilisation, spreads many global consequences: the degeneration of vital resistance in people (cancer, AIDS etc.), the general exhaustion of nature all over the planet, nuclear power, addiction to the exterior superenergies, general violence over life for creating profits, lust for destruction …

In all times people automatically see the 'bad' the way it had been defined as 'bad' in their place and time. And inhere lies an effective control system of the ruling class (big profit makers). Today, for example, is 'bad' to be poor, which triggers a constant urge to get richer and get more pleasure - far over needs and possibilities.

The new man, more responsible, with more sensibility and deeper views, tends to rescue himself from attachments and addiction to all that.

The New Existence is something totally new - 'another planet'.

It brings new discoveries of natural laws, which are in their essence the foundation of a possible new existence of all living beings on the planet. It is The New Existence!

It does not deal with the problems or ego of an individual. The contents of The New
Existence tackles the comprehension of untill now unknown truths about natural laws.

The New Existence uncovers a possibility of a new existence on the planet Earth.
The New Existence discoveries belong to pure science.

The New Existence is a global affair concerning the Earth and it represents a new achievement of human consciousness.


A basic possibility to come out of the ecological catastrophe through the process of living by the newly discovered natural laws and developing the global consciousness.

An original initiative for The New Existence World Project.

The challenge for scientific observations, based on a genuine relation.

Wiews of a global consciousness, wide knowledge and perceptive observations.

A composition full of life and sensitive inner experiences.

Attentive reading. Concentration. Atmospheres (feelings). Power of language. Repetitive readings. An everlasting book.

It was said, that this book was a new child.