Thiaoouba Prophecy and The Freedom of Choice
Can you hope to achieve anything in the Universe
without knowing what it is?
Believing is not enough: you need to KNOW

"The young generations on Earth are in the process of self-examination. They have come to a turning point - events have lead them to it and I know that they feel alone, more than any younger generation has before them. It isn't by joining sects or religious groups that they are going to be free of their solitude.

'First, if you want to 'elevate' yourself, you must meditate and then concentrate, which is different, although often the two are confused. You do not need to go to a special place, for the greatest and most beautiful temple of man is inside himself. There, he can enter into communication with his Higher Self, by concentration; asking his Higher-Self to help him surmount his Earthly, material difficulties.

But certain people need to communicate with other human beings, like themselves, and they can meet together for this purpose. Those who are more experienced, will be able to give advice, but no one should ever adopt a position as master.

The Master came 2000 years ago - or, rather, I should say 'one of the masters', but men crucified him. However, for approximately 300 of your years, the message he brought with him was followed. After that, it was distorted and now, on Earth, you have returned to a point which is worse than that of 2000 years ago.

'The young generation of whom I have just spoken, are rising up on your planet and realizing, little by little, the truth of many of the things I have been talking about. But they must learn to look inside themselves for their answers. They should NOT wait for help to come to them from elsewhere, or they will be disappointed...

The Freedom of Choice
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