I was born in May 1975 at midnight on the day of the new moon. I have three sisters and a brother. First seven years of my life we lived in one of the suburbs in Ljubljana the capital of Slovenia (a European Union member state). Just a few days before I started going to school we moved to a village near Vrhnika. We lived in a friendly close with nine houses. A lot of children of about my age lived there and we had a great time. Prymary school was nothing special to me but I liked grammar school (Joze Plecnik's Grammar School) a lot. I met some great people who influenced my life quite strongly and started thinking with my own head. Going to university was even better. I studied Slovene language and literature, and philosophy which really helped me expand my horizons at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. I prefered university system because it posed less restrictions and therefore offered more possibilities.

Now I live with my darling in a small house in the nature. I explore the world in me and around me and then transform it according to the newly gained knowledge. And I love doing it. I also work at home. I take part in art projects, proofread Slovene texts and translate fom English into Slovene, sometimes also the other way around. I get my work over the Internet which is really great since I want to put these three principles in practice: economically, ecologically and aesthetic. Lately, I'm getting involved in organizing events and projects concerning nature and culture.

Some time in the not very distant future I will manage to remove all that is unnecessary. Then I will be really free. Total freedom, real freedom, life beyond doubt and illusion that is my aim. That is the aim.

Mateja Bartol