Knowledge is supposed to be shared and used. Look at Prometheus – he stole fire from the gods and gave it to people. And the Sun – it is the source of consciousness on Earth and shines equally on all.

Sorry, all the texts here (except for the abstract in my philosophy diploma on daoism) are in Slovene and probably aren't going to be translated.


Seminars (subject):

Hermenevtika (Hermenevtics)
Ion (Modern Slovene literature 2)
Problemski pouk (Didaktics)
Prehodi členkov v druge besedne vrste (Slovene literary language 3)
Matjaž Pikalo: Pes in plesalka (Modern Slovene literature 1)
Dao de jing (Asian philosophies)


Diplomas (university department):

Pesništvo Matjaža Pikala (Slovene language and literature)
Premene v daoizmu (Philosophy)