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Cambridge, 18.10.2008
Cambridge, 18.10.2008



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br. 29, 2006


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Myths of the State


Antropologija i demografija

Myth and relativism in Serbia

( new on the site
Great Goddesses of the Aztecs
Meaning of Maya Myths
Soustelle Anthropos
Balkan Ghosts

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Multiculturalism, Norwegian Style

Review of a book on religion

Rabinow review

Liberalizam, pragmatizam i zdrav razum

“World Anthropologies” and Anthropologies in the World:
Three Perspectives


Kratak uvod u antroplogiju


Od teorije kulture ka objašnjenju sveta (.pdf)

Levi-Strauss (.pdf)

We Are All Indigenous Now:
Culture Versus Nature in
Representations of the Balkans

Prilog proučavanju antropologije razlike

Nacionalizam kao sudbina (.pdf)

Kliford Gerc: Jedna karijera (na cirilici! .pdf)


Socio-Cultural Anthropology Today - An overview (.pdf)

Joyeuses Tropiques (.pdf)

Distinguishing ‘self’ and ‘other’
Anthropology and national identity in former Yugoslavia


Intersubjectivity and the Anthropological Project
&& BOOK REVIEW (pdf)


Identiteti i razlike: Philip K. Dick i popularna kultura
Identities and differences: Philip K. Dick through popular culture

Clifford Geertz


Država nema ni glavu ni srce (html)
Država nema ni glavu ni srce (kao original - mht? 200kB)

Strategies of resistance in the digital era *

The "Intersubjective turn"
and the question of subject
in contemporary anthropology:
A review article

(pdf version)



Virtual Balkans (pdf version)


Introduction to myth
Lecture on myth - part 1
Lecture on myth - part 2

zulu bride
Out of Africa

Images of women
in anthropology and popular culture


When Ariel Sharon goes for a walk:
Politics of meanings at the turn of the millennium



Representing the Other: The Skopje lectures.
Lecture 1 - The Other in anthropology and cultural studies
Lecture 2 - Constructing the body
Lecture 3 - Virtual others/ real others
Lecture 4 - Ourselves as Others


Published @ ctheory - ; mirror @
Belgrade Burning? Report from Belgrade 98/10/12
Hyperreal Serbia
Virtual Places
Imagined Boundaries and Hyperreality in Southeastern Europe

Hyperreal Serbia
Belgrade Burning?
Virtual Places
Virtual Places - RePublished @




Aleksandar Boskovic has degrees from the University of Belgrade, Tulane University, and the University of St. Andrews.
He has published two books including Religion and Culture of the Maya, in Serbo- Croatian.
He has also written on current events in Serbia for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Fortnight Magazine (Belfast).
(from ctheory, 1997)

Histories, peoples, places... the Authorized (mostly academic) biography

Aleksandar Bošković was born (because he had no alternative) on 5 June 1962 in
Zemun, in the country then called “FNR Yugoslavia.” Happily unmarried and no
children that he could claim to be responsible for.
Spent some years in the so-called “pro-democracy” journalism (1983-1990), in
the process working for the Belgrade Student and writing for almost all of the
major (mostly Belgrade-based) Yugoslav magazines at the time.
Since August 2009, Aleksandar is Director of Research (“Naučni savetnik” –
equivalent to the Habilitation in the German academic world) and Head of the
Center for Political Research and Public Opinion in the Institute of Social
Sciences in Belgrade (Serbia), where he works since 1 July 2003. From October
2009, started teaching in the Department of Ethnology and Anthropology of the
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, and a formal Professorship was
granted in November 2012. Since 2013, teaching Anthropological Theories and
Comparative religion (undergradutae), three Master-level courses (Anthropology
of contemporaneity, Urban and gender studies, and Methodology), and one
doctoral-level course (History of Anthropology).
Most recently, co-edited a volume on anthropologies/ ethnologies from
Southeastern Europe, with Chris Hann —
published a book in Serbia on Anthropological perspectives — http://

Also wrote review papers in Ethnos in 2012 (with Suzana Ignjatović) — http://

and in 2013 in Zeitschrift für Ethnologie —
Recently spoke on rationality (at the IUAES Congress in Manchester in 2013, and
Inter-Congress in Chiba, Japan in 2014), identity (in Zagreb in 2013), and on
Giambattista Vico (Edinburgh, 2014). Talks on ethnicity (Leipzig, 2014) and
Edvard Munch (Leiden, 2015) coming up. Several articles awaiting publication,
including ones on Clifford Geertz as a cultural symbol, the politics of writing
history of anthropology, Raymond Boudon, and anthropological theory since the
Previously taught at the Universities of St Andrews (1994), Belgrade (then
Yugoslavia, 1998), Brasília (Brazil, 1999-2001), Witwatersrand (Johannesburg,
South Africa, 2001-2003), and Rhodes University (Grahamstown, South Africa,
2003-2006). Between 2000 and 2014, was teaching Contemporary Anthropology
and Anthropology and Feminism in the Post-graduate Program in Anthropology
of the Faculty of Social Sciences (FDV), University of Ljubljana. Supervised one
Ph.D. and one M.A. thesis.
Since August 1990, Aleksandar Bošković taught & lived in five countries on the
three continents, which also brought him an extraordinary array of wonderful
friends, from the Canary Islands and Bulgaria, to the UK, Brazil, South Africa,
USA, Italy, Germany, Norway, Japan, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain and Serbia…
Although not allowed to drink any more (doctor’s orders…), still appreciates
Scotch malt whiskey (especially Glen Garioch, but Knockando and Isle of Jura
are in the top three as well) and Croatian and Slovenian wines. Multiculturalism is
He accepts Vuk Ćosić's dictum of being a No Land’s Man.

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Aleksandar Bošković

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