There is a magnificent abandoned quarry near Vrhnika, Slovenia. It looks like some kind of a natural amphitheater. The place is peaceful and very inspiring. To remind people of the calmness that nature offers, I prepared a poetical exhibition with a local cultural society.

In the abandoned Kucler's quarry there is a geological fault. This is, beside many fossils from the time of Panonian Sea, a typical geological feature of the place. Slovene word for the fault is prelomnica, which also connotes a turning point in a historical and/or personal sense. But it does not have the same meaning in English and cannot be translated without this important meaning being lost. Therefore English version is titled after the Slovene subtitle: Man In Nature – Nature In Man.

Twenty-three poems written by various authors, some famous and some unknown, who lived in different parts of the world and in different times in history were printed on transparent foils. Because all of the poems are somehow connected to the nature, the foils were arranged around the quarry in such a way that visitors could see a part of nature behind the text while reading: a stone or a bush, some trees or the sky.

The exhibition was opened at the sunset on July 13th 2006 by a tenor Uroš Petrač (bachelor of music, graduated from the Royal Conservatorium in The Hague, Netherlands). He sang and recited a few poems about nature. To balance male and female principle – like it always is in the nature – a male voice was accompanied by a woman's: Alenka Saksida read a poem and some thoughts about the nature. After this short opening event visitors were invited to share their thoughts or poetry with everyone. The exhibition was closed on July 23rd.

In the past years, groups of sculptors were creating stone statues and compositions in and arround the quarry. Some of the works were left in the area reminding us how people and nature can coexist and create harmoniously.


Mateja Bartol




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